About Malcolm

Tom Tuminello, Ari Taub, Malcolm Matusky: On the set of “The Red Herring” 1988.

Malcolm Matusky has been an active professional in the corporate communications field since 1982. Initially apprenticed as a film cameraman at Frank Kolarek Films in New York City, he went on to earn a certificate in broadcast engineering from the Center for the Media Arts in New York City; a bachelors of fine arts in film and television production at New York University’s prestigious Tisch School of the Arts; and a masters of business administration in marketing and management at Long Island University, were he participated in a cooperative education program with Army officers at The United States Military Academy at West Point.

From producing a documentary about a rain forest research station in Costa Rica sponsored by American Standard Corporation to promote their image in central America; to consulting on web design and integration with video productions and Internet sales sites, Malcolm has had experience in wide variety of communications techniques and technologies.  Still photography, cinematography, lighting, sound recording and editing are some of Malcolm’s skills he has developed over the years as a working professional in New York’s film industry. Now he focuses on producing and directing, though for smaller productions and documentaries he is the “crew” as well as handling all aspects of pre-production through distribution.

Based in New York City till 2001, Malcolm is now located in Scottsdale Arizona where he runs Malcolm Productions, a specialty production company focusing on the needs of business to better represent themselves through video on the web.

And today, White Sands National Monument 2011

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