My creative services

Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations.

They are all closely related activities and all focus on telling your story to people whom are interested in your company.  I have a background in business, marketing and film production, therefore am in a position to understand the needs of your business to communicate with your clients and potential clients.

If you are just looking for a quick quote from a “video production company” for shooting a “cheap viral video”, please call someone else, I am a marketer first and a producer second.  I do not make films that are ill conceived and do not fit within your companies overall marketing strategy.  I take a long term perspective on marketing and do not rush the process.  I am not offering the “cheapest” video in Arizona, I am offering the most relevant production for your business within the context of your companies marketing strategy.

I start by interviewing you, the business owner or manager, to evaluate your needs for an industrial film and if I am the one to make it for you.  There are plenty of “production companies” here in Arizona, who claim to be “full service” but I am not.  I make serious films for serious businesses.  I have an MBA in marketing and a BFA in film and television production.  I don’t make “virals” I make films that make sense for your company and speak to your customers and prospects.

“I can do anything” is a phrase often heard when someone desperately wants your business, but someone who “can do anything” really cannot, and is too ignorant to realize it. Would you go to a surgeon who ” can do anything”? I doubt it, you go to an oncologist for one issue, and an internist for another.  I make business films, I don’t “video” your wedding, birthday or office holiday party.  The people who do that are called “event photographers” hire one.

Hiring someone to make an industrial film, to promote your business, should do it with the kind of background not found among those shooting your wedding video, they should have the kind of background that I have, a BFA in film & television production and an MBA in marketing and management; art and commerce, I understand both and speak the language of business.

My services are “not for everyone” and what I do is research who you are and communicate that to your customers. I deal in fact and truth, and that is not for everyone. I started in industrial films over thirty years ago (sponsored films for industry) and have worked on many great looking productions that were completely worthless, because they were representing a fantasy view of a company, not the reality the customer finds when they interact with the firm. That is where trouble lies! If you are incapable of living up to the image the advertising agency creates for your company, why did you spend the money to do it?

Over-promoting and under-delivering is a guaranteed way to lose customers and create a negative perception in the mind of the consumer. Tragically, you paid for this!

The agency is happy, they got paid. The production company is happy, they got paid. The media outlet is happy, they got paid, the most. You are happy, at first, because you look great, but when you start losing business because the reality is not in sync with the experience your potential customers experience, well… you will be unhappy and it will kill your business.  This is where I can make a difference, I don’t just make up a story about you, I help you tell your story in a believable and convincing way.

Viewing my films you will notice that most are in the “documentary style” I have a passion for making and watching documentaries and I believe this form is very useful for industrial filmmaking. I do not consider “reality TV” to be similar to the documentary style, nor is the heavy handed voice over of the evening news.  Pacing is important in dramatic film, and a “news style” pacing is too hyperactive for conveying much useful information.  If a film is to be “believable” or “ring true” to the viewer, I think it must have your voice telling your story, not some attractive actor narrating witty dialogue that has nothing to do with you or your business.

When you hire me, I function as a “creative producer” and a “marketer” to help you communicate with your audience.  This includes creating the “idea” for the film, executing production & post production all the way through distribution.

Thank you for getting this far, and I would like to discuss a project for your company, so give me a call at 480-225-5168 or


Malcolm Matusky