Sustainability, what is it?

After moving to Arizona I took a detour from film production and found myself at the Ecosa Institute.  What a strange trip that was!  Fantastic experience and lead me to make a series of short promotional films about the institute, you can view them in the film/video area of this site.

I took off for a semester, moved to Prescott AZ and attended the intensive program full-time.  I learned more about sustainability and design than I ever would have otherwise and now have an appreciation of how our world works (or doesn’t) from a new perspective.  After graduation I was asked to be on the board of directors of the institute and served for two years. I also worked at the school for two semesters to overhaul the business side of the school and them returned to Scottsdale to continue with my career in filmmaking, a passion of mine since I started working professionally at 17 in New York City.

Once before I took a break from film production and went back to school at night to earn my MBA, that was a long haul, though I was employed in post-production for the three years it took to finish my degree. That was a very different experience and now is a valuable asset in making industrial films for corporations and non-profit organizations.  I hope to integrate what I learned about sustainability and sustainable design into my current work as well, it’s all part of the mix.

I am in pre-production on a documentary entitled “Defining Sustainability” and this is a direct result of my experiences at Ecosa, and my filmmaking career.  It will be targeted toward the educational market and will be a multipart program to be used in the study of sustainable concepts. is launching soon and will feature clips of interviews and other information about the documentary project.