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Web cam video

A web cam is great to speak with someone in person, but making a “web cam video” is not the same as a well crafted industrial film.  I do not discount the value of the web cam, it’s very inexpensive, always present on your desktop and immediate, but unless you are willing to spend 10~20 times longer editing and post-producing your “web cam video” it’s not a very effective communication tool.  If you set up a “video blog” this is where the web cam can come into play as part of your marketing mix.

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You are a broadcaster!

With YouTube you are your own television network.  You are your own channel and you decide what to do with it.  “Programming” is also your responsibility, what are you going to say to your “audience” how frequently will you update your programs or create new content?

Your “channel” is not for a general audience as is CBS or NBC; your audience is those people who are interested in your company or looking for the services you provide.  It is a much more targeted approach than “broadcasting” really, the best term for what you are doing is “narrow-casting”.


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Internal vs. External communications

Who is the intended audience?  It makes a huge difference in content and budget.

Industrial films (aka: sponsored, paid, promotional content) can be easily categorized between “internal” audience and “external” audience, though “corporate video” is generally for an internal audience.

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Marketing your company with video

Why make video’s about your company?

To tell your story, in your own words.

No announcer or actor has the same credibility as you do.  People respond positivity to truth to a greater degree than a film that looks like it was made with actors.  For small to mid-sized businesses this is crucial, as you probably do not have the millions it takes to launch a brute force marketing campaign.

Show & Tell, it was my favorite part of grade school, because it’s VISUAL we all respond to visual stimulus over other senses as our eyes provide us with the most information about the world, it’s how we are programmed.

Except for meeting someone in person, a film is the closest way we have to present ourselves to others and convey trust.


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