Sustainability New website

I’m putting up a new website  It’s a site dedicated to my documentary film I’m in production with now. I’ll be posting some clips of the interviews I have already conducted and more; stay tuned!

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Sustainability: What can I do?

Your company may not have a sustainability plan, but you can do something on your own.

Influence purchasing decisions.  This is a very easy step, and the larger the company, the larger the impact daily purchases have.

Buy recycled products! Start with paper towels in the kitchen and bathroom, so simple yet often overlooked.

Buy recycled coppier paper/laser paper, envelopes, etc, etc. It does “cost more” but in a large company you buy by the pallet, get a volume discount for the whole company.

Recycled content toilette paper, no it’s not like cardboard!

“Green” cleaners, do you really want to breath in solvents?

The same purchasing decisions you make at work, can be made at home as well.

Do you really have to have the HVAC at 70 degrees in the summer?  Do you have a programmable thermostat to adjust the heating/cooling of your home when you are away? Small things add up quickly over the course of a year.

Can you Skype with a colleague rather than going to visit? Travel is very expensive in resources and time.

Suggest your company invest in distributed electrical production= a grid tied solar array on the roof, your local utility may help finance and maintain the equipment, find out.

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Sustainability: What is your company doing?

If you currently have no sustainability plans for your company, then how are you going to show your customers, your community, that you are part of the solution, and not part of the problem?  Having a sustainability plan and actually doing something is a great way to interact with your community.  Making inroads to a more sustainable company is a great reason to write PR articles for your website and an even better reason to make a film about your initiatives, to “show” you are doing something for us all.

Are you constructing a LEED certified building? Show it!

Energy savings strategy?  Show that as well.

Not all marketing efforts are directly related to sales of products, there is value in “selling” the idea of your company as well, build your brand as a responsible corporate citizen in your community, and show how you are doing it.  Never miss an opportunity to tell the public about something good you are doing, the news agencies are always ready to slam you for what you do wrong!  Build a good reputation.

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