Color on the web: What are you seeing?

If your monitor is not color profiled, you are not looking at the same color and density I am, or anyone else!

All computers, monitors, printers, etc can be “profiled” to display uniform color across a variety of media. No two display panels are alike, certainly not between different technologies, and that is the point of calibration. Normalizing everyone’s display to a standard, so that content creators can be assured that what they create is seen as closely as possible to what they themselves were seeing.

I have had a color profiled system since 2001, when I was running Windows 98, that was some time ago and the equipment is better and cheaper today, but you still have to do it.  I use the Spyder 4 elite, you can get away with the lower cost models as web video, and images are calibrated for sRGB, you do not need the higher cost models that calibrate monitors to the REC 709 HD video standard for viewing video on the web. Video on the web is designed for the sRGB color space.

Do you have an 8 or 10 bit display? For non-critical viewing an 8 bit panel is fine and is made for the sRGB gamut.  10 bit panels are much more expensive and are designed for those who work on high quality image editing or video editing projects.

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