DIY vs spending money?

Who is going to produce a film about you, you? Your employees? Your kids?

Are you really going to spend the time it takes to LEARN how to do it?

Will you have the time it takes to finish it?

Will it be a low priority and never get finished?

Did you build your own house?  Program the software that runs your computer? Repair your own car? Change the tires when they wear out? Make your own clothing, shoes? Do your own dentistry? Surgery?

But DIY is so popular! Sure, DIY for things that don’t negatively affect your businesses bottom line, cook your own food, clean your own house, etc. DIY things for your personal life, if you make a mistake, fine, you can easily get over it and try again, you cannot do that in business, make a mistake, loose a customer.

Just because you know how to watch TV, does not mean you can create it.

That’s why you hire me to do it for you.

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