Global Cinematography Institute

In 2015 I attended 2 sessions at the Global Cinematography Institute to further my professional skills.  Over a month in Los Angeles working at Hollywood Rentals stages in Sylmar.  The program is run by Yuri Neyman ASC, and Vilmos Zisgmond ASC.  Vilmos passed away on 1/1/2016, I was fortunate to have two days with him on set and it was a very memorable time for me. If you don’t know who Vilmos was, please take the time to look up his IMDB credits, he was one of the most accomplished cinematographers of his time.

Why would an industrial and documentary producer attend an intensive seminar on cinematography?  Cinematography is one of the foundation skills of film making!  I started my career hanging lights and operating a camera for other producers and today I do it for myself.  Many of the films I make are best produced with a minimum of crew, so I shoot my own material for those productions.  Cinematography is a craft, and to excel one needs to practice and learn from others.  I went to GCI because they put me on stage with some of the best cinematographers in the business today. I learned a lot from that experience and put those new skills right back into my business to better serve my clients.

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