Print & Photography

Though I am a “film producer” I love print and still photography!  It is an excellent way to build your website into a valuable sales tool, do not overlook the value of print & stills, they are very cost effective and flexible medium.  Only after developing a site with a good design, great copy and interesting stills….Then it’s time to add video to your website.  As much as I believe in films to promote your company, you have to get the basics done first!

Younger people tend to respond to motion graphics and video over print, but if the copy is short and compelling, it will be effective.

Motion Pictures-films-video are the “next step” we all love stories and the ones we hear and see, are more captivating than what we read.  The number of people who “read” novels is down, while hours of viewing movies & television are increasing, though now it’s viewed through the internet rather than movie theaters or conventional television.  Today the internet has the capability to replace all other medium, and in the future it will do so.  I have worked as a commercial photographer in New York City, today I primarily am a film producer specializing in marketing films for industry.