Sustainability: What is your company doing?

If you currently have no sustainability plans for your company, then how are you going to show your customers, your community, that you are part of the solution, and not part of the problem?  Having a sustainability plan and actually doing something is a great way to interact with your community.  Making inroads to a more sustainable company is a great reason to write PR articles for your website and an even better reason to make a film about your initiatives, to “show” you are doing something for us all.

Are you constructing a LEED certified building? Show it!

Energy savings strategy?  Show that as well.

Not all marketing efforts are directly related to sales of products, there is value in “selling” the idea of your company as well, build your brand as a responsible corporate citizen in your community, and show how you are doing it.  Never miss an opportunity to tell the public about something good you are doing, the news agencies are always ready to slam you for what you do wrong!  Build a good reputation.

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